About me

About me

I am Wu Jinghang. I am 28 this year. I started learning the piano when I was 5, and obtained my ABRSM grade 8 piano in 2004. Even though I was trained classically, I have a strong passion for pop piano music too. It was especially important to me in my teenage years, as playing pop piano gave me an outlet to express myself when I experience difficulties. It was also during the struggling times that I would spend hours on the piano, which developed and improved my playing most.

I have been a music teacher for close to 10 years (as at 2016). I teach music at Legato Music School in Hougang (Singapore). In my free time, or in between lessons, I like to play on the piano by ear. I can identify chords through hearing, thanks to a lot of experimenting done in my teenage years. I would like to help you benefit from playing the piano (it is very therapeutic!), be it using music scores, lead sheets, chords or with none of that at all (simply by ear).

I like to learn new skills, especially when it is related to my music career. This year, I took weekly theory lessons, and passed my grade 8 theory exams with merit. I have also been working on my first ebook to teach beginners how to play from a music lead sheet. And recently, I wrote a few songs too. I will share them on my blog when they are ready.

My qualifications

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2012) – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Certified Music Teacher – Music for Young Children, Canada (2012)

Piano Grade 8 (2004) – ABRSM

Music Theory Grade 8 (2016) – ABRSM