How to play piano from a lead sheet: Beginner level 1

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Do you want to play pop songs on the piano? Do you find that reading traditional scores with many notes is very difficult?

I have a simpler way. You can learn to read from a lead sheet instead. A lead sheet shows just the basic melody line (a little bit of note reading here) and the chords (written as letters above the melody line). Now the music is easier to read, as the lead sheet simplifies it to the core essentials!

This e-book helps you to read from a lead sheet. It begins with naming the fingers (1,2,3,4,5) and the keys on the piano (C,D,E,F,G,A,B). From there, it builds up skills and knowledge progressively.

Why choose to learn piano from this e-book?

  • Concepts are explained succinctly to the point
  • Each concept comes along with worksheets, practice songs, fun practice ideas and online flashcards/games to reinforce learning.
  • There are definitely enough practice materials from the e-book, and if you want more, there are a wealth of suggested online learning resources.
  • You will be able to play from a lead sheet using both hands. Melody and chords will be played together. The estimated duration to get to this stage is 2-3 months. Consistent practice is important to achieve this goal.
  • You can download the pdf into your tablet, and read it anywhere
  • Although the best way to practice is on the piano, you can practice anywhere on your tablet with the online flashcards/games.

This e-book is meant for one user per purchase, and not to be shared. For every purchase, email me your email address, together with proof of purchase, to get access to the online flashcards/games. I only accept one email address for each purchase.

I will be launching this e-book soon. If all sounds good, and you are keen to begin learning to play the piano, send me a message through my contact form, and I will email you the details once they are ready.