Online lesson

I am exploring the various platforms that I can conduct online lessons on. I am also exploring the topics that I can teach online. If you have an area in music or piano that you want to learn, do drop me a message to let me know.

Let me know which area of learning you are interested in. For example, the topic can be wide, and require ongoing lessons: ABRSM piano grade 3 lessons, ABRSM music theory grade 5, pop piano for beginners etc. Or they can be specific, usually covered in one or a few sessions: ABRSM piano grade 2 pieces analysis (only A1, B1, C1 etc.), ABRSM music theory grade 5 transposition question, learning how to play “Hello” by Adele etc.

I plan to use powerpoint slides as the main teaching aid, along with my microphone. If necessary, I will also create handouts for note taking during the session. There might be assignment/worksheets; you can email me a completed copy for feedback. For one-to-one or small group lessons, webcam can be used. There might be a need to purchase your own books before the lesson (I will guide you on where to buy them).

Let me know your requirements through my contact form if you are interested. We can try to work out something, or I may be able to suggest an alternative venue where you can learn from.